Terms of Services

For Customers, Candidates, Employees and Vendors etc...!
The use of services from MEDIAPLUS Technologies Private Limited [hereafter referred to as "MEDIAPLUS"] constitutes agreement to these terms of service.

1) Professional Fees

Terms of payment

All MEDIAPLUS clients to note and strictly adhere to the following:

Up to 1,000.00 USD
50% advance of total project cost and rest 50% within three days of the delivery of the project.

Up to 2,000.00 USD
40% advance of total project cost and 30% in the middle stage of the project and rest 30% after delivery of the project within three days.

Up to 5,000.00 USD
40% advance of total project cost and 30% in the middle of the project and rest 30% after delivery of the project within three days.

Over 10,000.00 USD
30% advance of total project cost and 40% in the 2nd stage of the project and rest 30% within five days of delivery of the project.

In case of termination of the agreement/services at any stage after the work has commenced a written notice for the same shall be provided by the client to MEDIAPLUS. Further, it must be noted that in case of cancellation/termination of the project/work/contract at any stage, the client will be legally bound to make a 50% payment of the remaining/pending agreed amount within 72 hours of the notification sent to MEDIAPLUS or by us to the client (as the case may be). After clearing of the same MEDIAPLUS will be legally and ethically bound to hand over all the relevant usernames and passwords provided and managed for and on behalf of the client by MEDIAPLUS.

In case of non-payment of dues (in part or in full, as the case may be) a reminder for 48 hours (two working days) will be sent as notice to the client to clear the dues, failing which the onus of non-payment of the dues shall fall solely on the client and MEDIAPLUS Technologies Private Limited may be constrained to stall the services of the client without further notice.

In case of any special flexibility plan on mutually agreeable basis the same will require a separate document to be signed by the client.

The above terms of payment are clearly understood and read by you/the client while hiring the services of MEDIAPLUS.ME. The terms may be subject to change without prior intimation but shall be duly posted on MEDIAPLUS.ME.

2) Changes to the TOS

MEDIAPLUS reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice and the same will be duly posted on this page. In case of any legal disputes, jurisdiction of Beirut courts shall be applicable.

3) T&C for Candidates/Employees

Upon joining the company, the deemed employee shall be on a probation that could range from six months to one year that will be stated in your appointment letter along with the other company rules. During this period MEDIAPLUS (IWI) may ask the employee to leave (ATL) the company with a 7-days notice without assigning a reason. However, due to any immoral, illegal or unethical conduct by the employee, the company shall have the right to terminate the services of the employee(s) without any notice. The employee shall have the liberty to resign from the services of the company during the probation period by giving 15 days written notice to IWI. The ATL and Termination* terms shall depend on the employees productivity, performance and behavior within the company and with its clients. The company shall have right to terminate the employee(s) services by serving a clear one month notice, or by compensating with a month’s basic salary in lieu of such notice. The employees’ resignation letter shall be accepted only when all dues are found to be clear as per company rules and legal obligations. This will be only after the 'leaving employee' tenders to MEDIAPLUS along with resignation all proof of completion of all pending projects' with details and hands over requisite confidential documents to satisfaction.

The age of superannuation of an employee in the company service is 60 years. You shall however, during your employment be required to be medically fit for work for which you have been employed. For the determination of medical fitness, you shall undergo medical examination periodically as and when arranged/required by the company.

You are entitled to all leave benefits as applicable from time to time. During the course of employment, if the employee at any time renders himself/herself incompetent to perform the duties or commits any breach of terms of employment, the company shall reserve right to terminate employment without any prior notice. You shall abide by all existing rules framed by the company & the ones, which shall be framed from time to time. The company shall deduct taxes as appropriate and consistent with the Lebanese tax regulations. You will be responsible for your tax liabilities under all-applicable tax laws and regulations.

To the extent possible in the applicable jurisdiction, the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of Beirut shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these terms and conditions, and for those purposes irrevocably submit all disputes to the jurisdiction of the Beirut courts. These terms and conditions are governed by the Lebanese Laws and the jurisdiction to sort out /resolve complaints or violations of these terms in any shall be in the courts of law in Beirut.

During your course of appointment after joining, you will be paid compensation as per appointment letter.

* All dues will be cleared after 45 working days (exclusive Saturday/Sunday).

4) T&C for Vendors

# All work will be done on temporary server given by MEDIAPLUS.
# Cannot contact MEDIAPLUS clients on any commercial matter.
# If failed to delivery the service on time.
# Quality of work that is not satisfied from our clients.

Company have the rights to hold/forfeit the payment If any of above mentioned points are breached.

Company hold the rights to modify Terms of Services at any point without any prior notice.