iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Looking for an iPhone/iPad apps development partner?

you can rely on our experience rather than starting from scratch. Our experience in iPhone development spans interfacing with GPS, camera, address book, photo library, accelerometer and magnetometer as well as push-messaging, web-services integration, data syncing, remote-wipe, "multi-threading" and OpenGL.

iPhone runs iOS, derived from the Mac OS X operating system and optimized for mobile devices. iPhone and Mac share OS X kernel, Objective C programming language and BSD sockets for networking. The iOS SDK, used to develop third-party apps, consists of Xcode development environment, an iPhone simulator, instruments for performance optimization and a user interface builder. The app can be distributed through the App Store after going through an approval process by Apple.
A few featured apps developed by us include:
An iPad app that showcases select photos from a leading provider of online stock photos. This app calls a web service to fetch the photos. The photos are cached locally and app syncs the local repository based on timestamp.

An iPhone app for an Italian restaurant that allows its customers to browse their menu (with photos and detailed descriptions), select item(s), add seasonings/toppings, and place order for delivery or pick-up. There's also a section to show the specials and promotions for the day.
A location sensitive app that makes use of GPS to list green businesses near your location. Integrated with Google maps, it provides directions to the business. After visiting the store, the user can vote on how green they think the business is.

An app that makes it easy to learn the The Bible. It makes learning fun with interesting quizzes and feedback on scores.
An iPhone app for healthcare clinics provides their physicians instant access to their patient’s medical history. Physicians can view their scheduled appointments and hospital rounds. In addition, they can input the diagnosis and procedures performed on a patient (CPT and ICD codes in medical jargon) into the iPhone, which in turn forwards this information to the clinic's billing application.
An app that lets users choose the right ski resort - it provides reliable snow and weather forecasts of 250 ski resorts spread across 16 countries.

An app that allows you to book private jets online. You can browse different aircraft types, select your origin and destination airfields, request for quotes from various operators, view quotes and select one all using your iPhone.

An Augmented Reality (AR) app that allows you to point your phone camera on a building and get more information on that building.
A game to improve your memory - the app shows a set of random numbers for a few seconds, you have to memorize their positions and then dig them out in ascending order.
An app to track/enter your expenses while on the go. The expenses get synced to the company servers, so you do not forget to claim them later.
For more details on anyone of the above apps contact us.
If you are planning to develop an app, consumer or enterprise, we are the company to hire. We don't just do Objective-C coding, but also work with you from conception, architecture and design of the app through getting it listed in the App Store. So if you are looking for a company that also takes into account non-functional aspects like usability, security and performance, look no further.