Corporate Profile

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MediaPlus is a company that is a one stop solution to your online business. We have been around ever since 2010 and only to enlighten you little more about this company it has to be mentioned that it was known as Indus Web Interactive during its initial days. The name of the company is articulated like 'Indus-Web-Eye', which drives its motivation from Indus Valley Civilization. There is no need to explain that it is the oldest and one of the most intelligent civilizations of the world that has left its imprints in the pages of history forever. We draw our inspiration from this civilization and that is why we have tried our best to squeeze the best intelligent minds into one place called MediaPlus.

Our services include Content Writing, Web Development, Website Designing, SEO Services, Mobile App Development, and overall Internet Marketing. In return of hiring our services we also offer services like Bulk SMS, CRM Application, Email Marketing, Web Hosting, Reseller, and last but not the least Domain Registration. We have a track record of satisfying customers with all kinds of businesses. Both small and big business houses have appreciated our work which becomes quite evident from our portfolio. It had been a long time that we are catering to the needs of nascent budding entrepreneurs and guiding them with our expertise in online business solutions.

The biggest USP of MediaPlus is the fun of working with us. Although our trained individuals work round the clock to help other businesses grow, yet they are a warm bunch of people. They are patient listeners and that is why they can comprehend the needs of our clients without any difficulties. They are nice to talk to and are always ready to lend that hand whenever required. They are professionals with a heart and the head in the right places. That is why they are willing to go that extra mile to serve our customers in the best possible ways. For this you can simply go through the customer testimonials as provided by our various clients that we consider the most precious of all the awards so far.

Our mission is to offer solutions to all kinds of business houses that can make the World Wide Web a better place to look for information. This information will be of joint assistance for the buyer as well as the seller. Hence we look forward to make the internet one stop with all the details that you may be looking for. This creates scopes for business houses under the realms of internet that people actually can rely on.

In conclusion it must be added that we have the highest regards for our competitors. This is another factor that makes different from the rest of the league. We learn from them and never look at them as rivals. We want the cyber world to flourish for the good and that is we believe in healthy competition. This is why we at MediaPlus always come up with tactics that are positive in nature over projecting ourselves as numero uno. We follow the trends and add our own innovation to them to help you and your business develop in a constructive way.